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Subject: Re: Ramifications
Date: Apr 23, 5:59 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Apr 23, 5:59 pm, Jim Lux wrote:


>This is where some nice fancy multi-variable program which can integrate the major variables might suggest a prime and optimum pressure and fusor size for best efficiency using the simple fusor design.

The optimizer in Excel 97 seems to work fairly well, providing you have some fairly well behaved expressions. You'll need to have some sort of "figure of merit" that you'll want to optimize. I've used it to optimize phasing/power dividing harnesses of multiple transmission lines into a phased array, which is not a particularly linear application and it does OK, providing you give it some decent starting points for the optimization.

Let's see, you'd need as inputs:
current (maybe this can be calculated from V and dimensions using the stuff in Miley, Gu, et.al. from 1997? (or from simple Paschen curves?))
gas pressure
radius of cathode
radius of anode
these last two set the E field and probably also the ion density?

Output could be Neutron Rate? Energy?