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Subject: New website
Date: Apr 28, 06:10 am
Poster: Gerald Morris

On Apr 28, 06:10 am, Gerald Morris wrote:

Hello all,

Its been a while since I've had time to even surf in here and I'm happy to see so many new names making neutrons. Now that the electrical engineering aspect of my project has ended, I intend to get some D2 and cook a few neuts up here. The most excellent Dr. Bickel has invited me to stay in his lab over the course of the summer in order that I can do a little big science. Since I've been hired by Raytheon, I will have no further fiscal problems, either personally or wrt the project.

Anyway, since the EE Dept. at the U of Az technically wasn't interested in the "f word" I focused on rigourous data taking to verify the degree of confinement in the poissor. The data looks encouraging though more of it is really needed. The results of my work are now posted at

I might mention that trhere is a better way to make your cathodes than welding or soldering loops of thin wire. Check it out.

G. Morris