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Subject: Re: Boron
Date: Jan 13, 1:05 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 13, 1:05 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>>I've been lurking around the various fusion boards for a looong time now, and I seem to recall that Paul M. Koloc (of Plasmak fame) talked about a radiationless fusion fuel of Hydrogen and Boron, or p + B11 -> C12 or something like that. Could such a fuel be used with the IEC device?...................
>Yes, It can! Bussard and a lot of other are serious about this as it offers the clasic "direct conversion possibility of fusion to electricity without heating water, complcated plumbing, steam turbines, etc.
>The electricity is produced by collecting the proton current. "direct conversion". The protons are decelerated and collected in a multiple biased grid network. this yield output electricity directly from fusion. Albeit, still in the thinking stages.


I forgot. The P - B11 reaction yield alpha particles. It is the alpha particles (helium nuclei) that will be decelerated and directly converted to electricity.

A thousand pardons. Gotta' get it right!

Richard Hull