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Subject: PATENT
Date: May 13, 10:40 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 13, 10:40 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Not included in the Farnsworth patent database set up by Bert Pool, is the key grided system patent of Hirsch and Meeks. This patent is assigned to ITT and was the last patent initiated under the ITT Farnsworth project. Submitted 24 april 1968 just days before the bitter end, and granted on September 22 1970, patent # 3,530,497 is proof that Hirsch and Meeks are the originators of the simple all grid fusor system.

They used a dispenser cathode to up the production of ions in the chamber, but this, as we know, is not necessary if just doing fusion and getting neutrons is the goal.

All fusorites should have a copy of this key patent. The PTO website has a listing of all the library depositories of patents in the US. One might be near you.

Richard Hull