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Subject: Re: First Light
Date: May 19, 07:13 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 19, 07:13 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Thank you for the nice writeup on your system. It sounds like you might have poured a good bit of time and even money into the system, and other than for the tedious and time consuming hunt for leaks are really virtually ready to let Deuterium in!!

As you might know, my first fusor was a demo only unit with no plans for deuterium gas admission or neutron production. I spent about 2 months just learning the ins and out of discharge operation and power supply handling associated with vacuum over that period.

Ain't that glowing ball a real pip! Study it long and hard with the old eyeballs as relates to pressure, voltage and current. Get a feel for what affects it and makes it tick.

Good luck and happy fusing.

Richard Hull