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Subject: Early Observations
Date: May 19, 11:25 pm
Poster: Ely Silk

On May 19, 11:25 pm, Ely Silk wrote:

There is some very interesting science that can be done with even a demo fusor. For me, studying the spectroscopy of the ion jets being spewed out from the poissor is one such area. Looking for the anticipated doppler shift to determine ion velocity is another. The appearance of the plasma ball with different gases in the system might be instructive and may lead to some interesting chemical reactions (free radicals, etc.)

But that's a little later. For now, just sitting in a darkened room with the bell jar pumped down to 2 microns and valved off (with the pump blissfully powered down) and studying the appearance of the poissor as air is slowly admitted is plenty! The phenomena observed as one increases voltage (and current) and slowly cranks open the needle valve is beyond description. Little jets of electrons + ions dart out here and there changing color from blue to purple to white.

The bell jar turns green at the point of contact with the ion stream at 2 microns and slightly above (beware!) The tantalum inner grid glows red hot and is beautifully visible looking like a drawing of the Bohr atom when the power is reduced.

For me, just seeing this much of the beauty in action makes the project (and expense) well worth the effort and cost. In the future, I hope to add some interesting, albeit more scientific, reports.

Ely Silk