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Subject: Re: Early Observations
Date: May 20, 05:34 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 20, 05:34 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Ely is doing it about as right as it can be done!!

There is so much fascination and real science to observe in this thing. Lots of eye-brain stuff. Connections can be made. Textbook machinations take form in a way that really leaves you with more than just an education or verification of what you have read. You acquire a grasp and feel from the hands-on assembly which abides in a special place within you. In short, you own the knowledge in a totally new way.......... You can apply it......You can use it to think new thoughts, even if you are not normally a deep thinker, (like me).

Oh... I tried other gases once evacuated in both fusor I and fusor II demo systems. Amoung them,
helium, neon, and argon. I liked argon the best. It is the cheapest too! It actually costs less than oxygen!!

Ely's thoughts on possible interesting chemical reactions is great!

I posted earlier on Tom Ligon and myself using EMC squared's Ocean Optics emission spectrophotometer to measure the precise doppler broadening of the hydrogen beta (Hb) line of the deuterons at the poissor. (approaching and receeding).

Great work Ely and your use of the demo fusor for mind expansion sure beats drugs and is a positively wonderful learning experience.

Richard Hull