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Subject: Re: The Holy Grail of Fusors
Date: May 23, 12:15 pm
Poster: Ely Silk

On May 23, 12:15 pm, Ely Silk wrote:

With my HV supply, you can just watch the voltage droop as the current climbs and play with the gas/vacuum valves until the voltage droops from 24 kV to 20-21 kV. At the point, current is about 5-6 mA and the neutron counter is clicking away. BTW, the x-ray detector (geiger counter) is roaring away. Eli, if you are going to use your eyes to look into a glass viewport, you MUST employ some shielding against x-rays. In fact, this is necessary both with air and with D2. The x-ray exposure level just outside my glass viewport is HIGH...several hundred mR/hr!

What power supply are you now using for the 24 kv? Are you pumping down with a diffusion pump? So far, I have not gotten a high enough vacuum that will allow my power supply to apply anywhere near the 20 kv it was designed for. I am using a Condenser Products (just like Plastics Capacitors) 20 kv @ 5 ma (nominal). It works but the voltage droops incredibly. Is that characteristic of most high voltage supplies across a fusor at 1 - 10 microns?

I do have lead glass and will use that. Thanks for the tip.