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Subject: Re: The Holy Grail of Fusors
Date: May 24, 09:26 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 24, 09:26 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Scott uses a Turbo pump and can hit real low pressures vastly below anything you or I can hit.
10e-6 torr?!...or better. His backfill is a lot cleaner than mine as I have to purge the chamber with D2 under long pumping to rid myself of the air in the 10 micron region by simple displacement. This is why I keep the whole rig under continuos valved off vacuum.

For us lowly mechanical pump types, fresh oil is a must on a monthly basis!!!

As I have noted, I am totally down for major changes with fusor III and work is preventing a fast return to online status with a lot of out of town road trips.

I am soon to, hopefully, have my turbo on line and should be able to forget the struggle of pump limited cleanliness. A diff pump was planned and was actually assembled, but before I could include it in my system I got the turbo. I will keep it handy incase the turbo crashes or for some reason goes bad. (I could never afford one outright or even the repair one one should mine go bad.)

I'll have to remember Scott's technique when I get my turbo up, as it differs slightly from my method of obtaining best results with the mechanical pumping only.

Richard Hull