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Subject: Neutron flux and safety
Date: May 26, 08:01 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On May 26, 08:01 am, Jim Lux wrote:

I ran across a reactor handbook value for maximum human exposure for neutron flux (for high energy n, >1 Mev) for "safe" exposure of 30 n/cm^2sec. This is an old handbook(>30 yr), so I don't know how conservative the limit is.

At one meter from the fusor (assuming it is a point source), this is around 350,000 n/sec. Of course, stand 2 meters away, and you'd have to be cranking out over 1E6 n/sec to get that flux.

Of course, this doesn't take into account any particular sensitivities of various body parts for n, nor does it allow for scatter (i.e. a real fusor isn't running in free space). However, it does give a rough order of magnitude of the hazard levels.

Since all of these fusors are getting up into that area, it looks like some shielding might be in order, at least for the proverbial "garage" fusor