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Subject: Re: Where are fusor plans?
Date: May 26, 09:45 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 26, 09:45 am, Richard Hull wrote:


There is no blueprinted, paper trailed, step by step assembly group of plans.

In an old post on this board I gave Jochen Kronjaeger's university of Marburg website where my original, HV list posted, detailed discussion on building a fusor has been organized as a single long article. Again, that site is


poke arond here and you will also see photos of my fusor system.

My video tape also gives details on construction and shows operational considerations. Often a picture is worth a thousand words. See the old Jan 1998 posting here regarding, "video tape".

Beyond this, it is sort of tactily assumed that most fusor aspirants have a fairly good ability to "see and do", based on past experimentational efforts and possess a number of key skills and some core knowledge needed to proceed safely towards the goal.

Dimensioned plans with called out parts lists would constrict the creativity of such people and chase the cost of the system into the stratosphere. The fusor is sort of an advanced amateur scientist and talented, scrounger, experimenter's high end project.

Richard Hull