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Subject: Re: Where are fusor plans?
Date: May 26, 4:15 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 26, 4:15 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

Jon wrote:
> My current sense of the situation is that Dr. Farnsworth's hot fusion _does_ work, but more on the scale of a parlor trick than an actual renewable energy source.


Your have the right idea here. However fusion is fusion, regardless of output or usefulness. If Farnsworth's fusor is a parlor trick then all of the giant multi-million dollar, multi-ton, multi-manned, tokomaks, sphereomaks and tritium iceball laser blasters are really just bigger parlor tricks as they are doing the same thing.............That is, supplying vastly less energy out than was input. The only thing they have to say over our little fusor is,...... More money in, more on the payroll and we will give you more power out, but still less than goes in!

Fusion is a big hype but the first guy to do it right and make it controlable will change the earth forever.

R. Hull

Jon continues:

> I would think that the US Government would want to sponsor this kind of research, now, or is it just a pipe dream? (is progress being made?)


Not really! No significant progress on any of the fusion fronts.

The government never signed on to the Farnsworth fusor concept in any real fashion until this year. One single investigation involving the fusor is under way with government bucks for $12,000,000

R. Hull

> Why can't these apparatus be scaled up? According to what I read, there are (if I recall) stipulations for how spherical the electrodes can be, and the permeability (80-87 percent?)
> And of course implosion, and irradiation risks--my question is, even if many neutrons are absorbed by surrounding material, isn't self-sustainability, for the greater part, a matter of scale of the fusor?
The apparatus can be scaled up, but if the old line fusion devices of the Princeton and LANL crowds are any thing to go by, bigger is not going to make it self-sustain. Bigger will only put more eggheads to work and secure their future and their children's future at our expense. From 1950 to date, multiple waves of fusioneers have retired comfortably after training the next wave the funding mantra......... "real soon now".

Richard Hull