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Subject: Re: Secondary Neutrons, uses of
Date: May 28, 09:03 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 28, 09:03 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>>No. This is not true. U-238 fissions with fast neutrons only. U-235 fissions with either fast or slow (but preferably slow.)
>>Ely Silk

Sorry 'bout that........

I am currently reading "Hitler's Uranium Club- The Farm Hall transcipts.". I got caught in the mindset of U-235 which was a hot topic in the book.

U-238 (depleated uranium) is used for A-bomb casings and are indeed burned up by fast neuts.

You would need a nice thick wad of uranium for the experiment. At 30.00/gram from suppliers and at its density, you will need some bucks.

It can be obtain much cheaper (.10/gram) if you get a manufacturers site license. I am sure we will all rush out and let the government know all of our business and allow them to come in and look us over. (right!)

Richard Hull

Richard Hull