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Subject: Re: Secondary Neutrons, uses of
Date: May 28, 11:46 am
Poster: Ely Silk

On May 28, 11:46 am, Ely Silk wrote:

aside from the novelty, what sort of interesting thing could one do. (Maybe I could get ahead of the half life in breeding Pu by using those secondary neuts).
>One must have a worthy quest, after all...


If you have a decent source of neutrons, you could irradiate uranium (U-238)foil with slow neutrons and produce trace amounts of transuranium elements. I suspect that one of the best ways to detect the effects of the slow neutrons would be to irradiate the foil within a Wilson Cloud Chamber. A thin foil or coating of uranium oxide will reveal recoil atoms of such transuranium nuclides. The trails from the recoil atoms should be detectable. The problem is the low flux of neutrons. Incidentally, if you use fast neutrons, as produced by the fusor, you will see the recoiling atoms of fission products in the cloud chamber.

There is plenty to do with this cutting edge device which dates back more than thirty years! RH has awakened many of us to a very exciting exploratory tool. You will not get bored. One can conceive of some useful geometries for bombarding various metals and powders using a spherical fusor....

Ely Silk