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Subject: Re: Secondary Neutrons
Date: May 28, 1:26 pm
Poster: David Morgan

On May 28, 1:26 pm, David Morgan wrote:

>Now that we are making neutrons, what about using them to fission U238? Depleted uranium is fairly available (actually, almost free, in multi-ton (>40) lots, because there is a huge surplus). Using the n from the DD or DT reaction, you can hit a piece of U and generate 2 more n's, etc.

You would be much better off using the secondary
neutrons on Lithium. Both common isotopes of
Li are very amenable to making Tritium when
bombarded with neutrons.

Li6 + n -> H3 + Alpha
Li7 + n -> Li6 + 2n

I'm not sure about the neutron energy crossections
for these two reactions, but the second reaction
is what caused the famous runaway at Bikini Atoll.

Why make a cocktail of fission products when you
can make good old-fashioned Tritium?