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Subject: Tighter than Dick's hatband!
Date: May 31, 09:20 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 31, 09:20 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Have others noted the following?

As I was going back to one of my old bookmarks for LANL, namely the tritium page, where over a year ago I downloaded and printed the governments' official Tritium handler's handbook, I hit a security wall.

In a casual, recent,phone call to my long time pal Bert Pool, (Farnsworth patent guy), He also noted most of his better "tell all" LANL and other government lab sites were either returning with security lock outs or just generating "Transfer Interuppted" messages.

I checked some older stories on CNN's page and it appears heads will roll at a number of secure government sites for placing so much nuclear specific info on the internet. This is a knee-jerk response to the "China Espionage" thing.

Oh well, I am glad I down loaded and printed lots of useful stuff prior to the western "Wall" going up!

Richard Hull