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Subject: Re: Dispenser Cathode & Anode Ionizer?
Date: Jun 07, 08:19 am
Poster: Stephen Coley

On Jun 07, 08:19 am, Stephen Coley wrote:

>Thus, when copius electrons were created by bombardment of the S-1 grid surface by filamentary electrons, They were forced to constantly "sepentine" around he ionizer grid region, being repelled by the nearby negative (relative) chamber wall and the horrendously negative distant hollow cathode.
>Thus, we had a trapped cloud of high speed electrons making deuterons from the deuterium gas collisions just where they were needed. That is, out near the shell of the chamber allowing the bulk of them to infall for full energy gain to the inner grid region.
>Very, very ingenious.
So they were using these other elements to create the same electron effect as a 3.3 meter fusor while keeping the paths of the deuterons only in the 4" range.