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Subject: Re: Are we really at 80 keV effective energy?
Date: Jun 09, 08:16 am
Poster: Scott Little

On Jun 09, 08:16 am, Scott Little wrote:

Eli wrote:

>Sounds like double counting. The velocity is proportional to the square root of the kinetic energy. Doubling the 20 kev to 40 kev....

But that's just it, Eli. We're not doubling the energy. In the fusor's head-on collisions, the relative velocity between the two deuterons is twice their lab-frame velocity V. Period!...no two ways about it. Therefore, the collision dynamics are the same as if we sent one deuteron at 2V towards a stationary deuteron. What is the energy of a deuteron that is moving at twice the velocity of a 20 keV deuteron? Answer: 80 keV.