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Subject: Re: Are we really at 80 keV effective energy?
Date: Jun 09, 11:27 am
Poster: Ely Silk

On Jun 09, 11:27 am, Ely Silk wrote:

>But that's just it, Eli. We're not doubling the energy. In the fusor's head-on collisions, the relative velocity between the two deuterons is twice their lab-frame velocity V. Period!...no two ways about it. Therefore, the collision dynamics are the same as if we sent one deuteron at 2V towards a stationary deuteron. What is the energy of a deuteron that is moving at twice the velocity of a 20 keV deuteron? Answer: 80 keV.

Hmmm... you might be right...got to to think...must concentrate...sounds too good to be true....