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Subject: Re: Are we really at 80 keV effective energy?
Date: Jun 09, 4:52 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 09, 4:52 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I cannot find any holes in this argument. In fact, the x4 factor explains why the fusor works at so low a voltage (i.e., 15 kv = 60 kv after collision) whereas traditional accelerators require 50 to 60 kv to start producing neutrons from deuteron-deuteron collision.

Scott, Ely,

Remember my old term for the fusor: It is a SPHERICAL ION-DEUTERON ACCELERATOR-COLLIDER. (SIDAC) Tom Ligon and I coined this term about two years ago standing in the dark by his truck as we struggled for a proper complete discriptive for its simplistic thrifty action which sounded more important than fusor.

We do get more for our buck in the fusor.

Richard Hull