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Subject: Re: 80 keV effective energy? (cross section vs kV)
Date: Jun 09, 6:21 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Jun 09, 6:21 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>I cannot find any holes in this argument. In fact, the x4 factor explains why the fusor works at so low a voltage (i.e., 15 kv = 60 kv after collision) whereas traditional accelerators require 50 to 60 kv to start producing neutrons from deuteron-deuteron collision.
>Thanks for bringing this fact out. When we push the voltage to 30 or 40 kv, we will be generating 120 kv or 160 kv deuteron collisions!!!!

Does the cross section for DD or DT fusion depend on the particle energy? Or, is it a threshold effect, where as long as you are above the threshold, it happens? In the former case, you want to work on raising the voltage. In the latter, you want to work on increasing the ion density.