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Subject: Re: Sorption and ion pump
Date: Jun 11, 4:48 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 11, 4:48 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>So here's the question: How well would these pumps work for a fusor? I think the pressures in a fusor are substantially higher, so you might not even need the ion pump, just the sorption pump. Sure, LN2 is not as easy to get as electricy, but sorption pumps are nice and clean, quiet, etc.etc.

Sorption pumps are great and are perhaps the best forepump, hvpump and uhv pumps around. I have seen three in a valved bank before with no other pump whatsoever in sight!! On small systems (like the fusor, a sorption pump of moderate size should do BETTER than any mechanical pump! Both in the depth of vacuum pulled and it is not just a matter of clean......., it is immaculate!!!!! you can beat them period!!

Again, have plenty of bread ready for LN2 and prepare for a gang o' trips to the welding supply house that pumps th' stuff.

P.S. That three sorption pump system I saw would take the system in question down to 10e-10 torr by itself, and a small Ti sub finished of near 6x10e-12! This is near interstellar levels! With such a system, an ion pump would be superfluous. Needless to say, it is vast overkill for fusor work.

Richard Hull