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Subject: Re: Cross Sections
Date: Jun 14, 3:43 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 14, 3:43 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>And, if you are running at 10 microns pressure in a 1 liter volume, and you want a 50% mix, you really only need 1/100,000 of a liter (at STP), which is (assuming my number of .7cc/C is right), or around .013 curie.. So, is 10 milliCurie of T a lot or a little?


.013 curies is a very small amont of tritium. Commericial tritium signage often contains several curies of T. Some runway markers have 20-30 curies of T in them!! According tothe folks I have asked who have used tritium, it is normally dispensed in smallish break seal ampoules at STP much like neon, but in much smaller amounts.

Richard Hull