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Subject: Re: Skepticism? NO,.. honesty!
Date: Jan 16, 09:56 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 16, 09:56 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Richard and to ALL concerned,
>Here we go again! TOKOMAK fusion research has siphoned billions of dollars from the taxpayers,
>now here comes another project to milk.
>Don't get me wrong here, I am behind the Farnsworth Fuser technology 100%. I just do not
>think that it should take millions of dollars to refine this technology in this day and age. It is in my opinion that it will not cost millions but the figures will go into the billions when all is said and done. The Fuser is another dog and pony for the Universities to milk money from the taxpayer.
>I say that private researchers that have genuine talent and have a true passion for fuser research
>should be given the task to refine fuser technology. This is the only hope for fuser. If put into the hands of big corporate America then I fear that the fuser will be chaulked up in the history books as another failure.


I have to agree with much of what you say, but the private researcher would really need to be well heeled or bank rolled. Currently there is less than $10,000/anum alloted to fusor work that I am aware of. Most of the effort is salary free work done by the labor of graduate and undergraduate students at a couple of universities or privately funded ultra minimal efforts.

To further the fusor, will require some big bucks as the ion gunned units of the Farnsworth patents are the only ones capable of heavy fusion work. Price some of this effort out in the real world and 2 million would just start the effort. Especially if you have just 3 people on any kind of payroll.

The fusor is not "Big Science", but to do it right would cost a bit more than the lone wolf experimenter has avaialable or that a wealthy person might turn over to a lone wolf investigator.

Richard Hull