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Subject: Tritium sources
Date: Jun 14, 8:37 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Jun 14, 8:37 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

A bit of quick research on the web turns up a variety of exit signs with quite a bit of Tritium in them (many Curies).

Pricey when new, of course:
McMaster Carr Part # 1667K62 $181.82 for the 10 yr life. A 20 yr life part is 234.85 (presumably it has twice as much Tritium in it).

McMaster isn't known for inexpensive however, and they don't say whose self-luminous sign it is.

However, for other T seekers, the key words you need to know are "selfluminous" and "radioluminous" (although the latter is more rare)

There is also a very complete listing of test results from Ft. Belvoir available where they tried to break the signs, etc.