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Subject: Re: PLans
Date: Jan 16, 10:06 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 16, 10:06 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Is there any ok fusor plans with some explanation anywhere on the web? Or may somebody send me some?

Farnsoworth's two patents are the best plans in the world!!! US patents # 3,258,402 - 1966 and # 3,386,833 - 1968.

My good friend Bert Pool has struggled to put these on the internet and make them available to all. (click on the link to "fusor patents" else where on this Farnsworth Chronicles website.

These aptents are models of completeness!

To replicate the machine as shown in the patents would cost even a good scrouger more than $20,000!

A simple fusor which can do fusion is covered in my video tape to a limted degree. If one really applies oneself, and has good skills and a talent as a scrounge, this model can be built for about the cost of a good set of golf clubs. (see early post on this board "video tape").

Richard Hull