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Subject: More Fusor News
Date: Jun 23, 1:25 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 23, 1:25 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


I just received my copy of American Scientist magazine. July-Aug 99, page 314. Writer, David Schneider, has produced a short article entitled "Fusion from Television?".

It is about the fusor and how Farnsworth pioneered an alternate form of fusion which is undergoing a rebirth of interest. Two photos appear in the article. One is of Joshua Resnick's bell jar demo fusor and the other is of my own fusor III setup.

I remember talking to this fellow on the phone a few months back and answering a gang of questions, finally, pointing him towards Bussard and Miley.

It seems he did a bit of homework and the article, though short, is full of good information which is both accurate and current.

More nice fluff pumping up the fusor and giving it some limited exposure.

Richard Hull