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Subject: Re: Hirsch/Meeks Patent going online
Date: Jun 25, 11:48 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 25, 11:48 am, Richard Hull wrote:

Increasing the area of the electron emitter or likewise its effective current would result in more deuterons being created. This should, inturn, allow for more fusion provided the increased number of deuterons were 1. created only in the optimum zone near the outer shell and 2. made the journey without impacting other gas molecules, ions, or material components.

A lot of thought needs to be given to creating the electrons near the outer shell and keeping them there to create more deuterons.

Ion guns are nice as they give a rigidly controlled current of deuterons and only deuterons. They also guarantee 100% fusion energy in the center. However, they are complex, often requiring differential pumping, and very expensive mainly due to the extra gas handling plumbing/valving. I would think two guns would be a minimum firing at one another through the center. Four would be ideal. Farnsworth used as many as 8 sources in the mark II system.

Richard Hull