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Subject: Re: T-D reactions
Date: Jan 16, 9:05 pm
Poster: Bruce A. Perreault

On Jan 16, 9:05 pm, Bruce A. Perreault wrote:

>>What about Farnsworth's third patent?
>>Lithium/Deutronium reaction?
>I know of know third Farnsworth patent. Hirsch's patent describes this reaction! I guess I don't know how you figure Hirsch's patent is obviously Farnsworth's work.


The 1970 Fuser Patent No. 3,533,910 shows R.L. Hirsch as it's inventor. However, how is it that
Fig. 1 is identical to Fig. 11 of P.T. Farnsworth's 1968 Pat. No. 3,686,883?

The only major difference that I see is the addition of lithium in the form of Spodumene.
I agree that this was a big step forward for the
Fuser. However, why was not Farnsworth listed as
one of it's inventors?