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Subject: 13 point star mode image
Date: Jun 28, 09:05 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 28, 09:05 am, Richard Hull wrote:


I have got my fusor III back on line now and fusing. (replaced port glass)

Over the weekend I did some fusion at our monthly meeting of local high energy amateur scientists.

The results were only moderate hitting about 25,000 neuts/second. (Needs more glow cleaning).

At 24kv, the star mode, which is always visible, became unusually pronounced and had razor sharp definition. We counted 13 star mode rays. A friend with a high end Sony Mavica digital still camera shot the monitor screen and the fusor itself.

I have forwarded these images to Stepen Coley and he may place them on his website. However, those wishing to have these sent directly to them can apply to me via e-mail and I will send the two images over. Note, they are about 160K total for both and will take a minute to download on most machines. These are good crisp images which I think all would like to see.

Most of the demo units on this list, thus far, have not seemed to exhibit the star mode! I remain stunned that this seemingly unavoidable situation for me is eluding others. Anyway, here is the chance to see a glorious sight.

Richard Hull