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Subject: Re: Small wire brush deuterium ion generators
Date: Jun 28, 2:59 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 28, 2:59 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

Tom Ligon and I mused of this very sort of idea back in 97 and even looked into the possibility of one of those rough spray tungsten metal coatings which would become a permenant layer of micro needles depositied on the inner spherical chamber walls. As it turns out this would indeed help matters even though the effect would ultimatly become spotty and localized as the needle points fused to tiny balls at the end due to the heat of e-beam emmision. Only Tungsten could play this game though. A more interesting idea might be the coating and 13 or more larger tungten macro needles (1/16" diameter) positioned to stare right into the center of grid openings. (nightmare of alignment). The cost of the coating would be about $400.00 in a 6" chamber (ouch).

Still it deserves to be checked out. Anyone game and got the spare time and cash?

Richard Hull