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Subject: Re: Small wire brush deuterium ion generators
Date: Jun 30, 08:56 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 30, 08:56 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>I assume these jets are just a lot of electrons and negative charged deuterium ions being accelerated to the full fusor voltage and then impinging on the outer shell. This uses up high voltage current without accelerating any deuterium toward the center.


Actually the jet are really beneficial. They are concentrated beams of electrons and deuterons (positive ions). The reason they are visible is that recombination is taking place. Remember recombination is the light emitter. Yes, we lose some deuterons in this beam, but the coulombic force focuses and concentrates an otherwise divergent beam of deuterons. Negative deuterons just don't form in this system to any significant degree. The fields are just too high.

A neodymium magnet will defect the beam meaning it is electrons being deflected.

At all events, it is desirabile to obtain these beams.

The beams if pure electrons, would diverge due to coulombic repulsion. Likewise the same thing would happen to deuterons if the beam was a pure source of them. The fact that at optimum operation of the system, these beams actually sharpen in focus and become thinner tends to show that the beam is a mix of electrons mostly headed away from the inner cathode and a stream of deuterons headed into the poissor or cathode plasma focus. The light emitted is a tell-tale signature of recombination.

Finally, for those new to this list and nuclear parlance, the term "deuteron" means a lone deuterium nucleus or, a deuterium ion. In the case of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium, these are the only elements (actually, isotopes) that when singley ionized, become free flying nucluei. Thus, a simple ionization of the above (~13EV) form a proton, deuteron, and triton respectively. All make superb nuclear bullets and are abysmally easy to make in quantity. Creating negative ions out of these atoms is really tough as they would much rather go to their natural diatomic form to complete their electron shell. R. Hull


>It seems to me that suppressing the negatively charged jets would be another good aspect of using deuterium ion generators at specific points on the outer grid (aligned with the openings in the inner grid). Comments?


Sounds like a good idea, but remember, those electrons are out there and can't be suppressed! Remember the definition of a plasma.....It is an electrically neutral system. For every deuteron there is an electron somewhere in the soup. They WILL be attracted to the deuteron beams you create in the scenario above. I would imagine the beams would intensify. (probably a very good sign - more deuterons - more recombinations -brighter star mode beams- more fusion)

Richard Hull