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Subject: Re: micro-maze amazement
Date: Jul 04, 6:44 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 04, 6:44 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I gather that it is essentially a sorption pump, then, at least as far as function goes. Instead of taking something at atmospheric down to 77K in LN2.. you take something at 300C down to atmospheric.
Yes, It is a sorption type of pump.

However, the heating is not necessary to pump!!! It pumps at room temperature only! The heating is used for the same reason you have to heat the zeolite in a common LN2 sorption pump to 300C......To chase out the last batch of pumped or sorbed gases and vapors. As a matter of fact, before you use it following heating you had better let it cool off for several hours to assure room temperature operation. Then, you can start pumping.

The micro maze uses a special ceramic in the form of plates with tremendous surface area. This avoid the Zeolite load and bakeout hassle with more traps and pumps.

Richard Hull