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Subject: Re: various instrumentation and parts questions
Date: Jul 06, 5:04 pm
Poster: David Morgan

On Jul 06, 5:04 pm, David Morgan wrote:

> Ok, I found the Inland Seal stuff. It's not what I was looking for. I'm looking for an insulating varnish for winding the coils on to my grid.

So, here's a rather interesting alternative:

Silane. (sp?) It comes as a volatile liquid, and and is cured (polymerized) in plasma form (I've seen it done in a vacuum chamber with a medical RF generator). It is used on Satellites to protect the solar panels from junk like atomic oxygen.

The drawback is that silane plasma is pyrophoric (explodes when in contact with air). You should be able to track some down for free from a charitable university lab.

I suppose you could wind with regular magnet wire and then coat with the Silane to protect it.