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Subject: Re: Different Grid Topologies
Date: Jul 07, 08:27 am
Poster: Stephen Coley

On Jul 07, 08:27 am, Stephen Coley wrote:

>>This is along the same general line as the brush discussion...
>>One Idea I've been considering is to use a spiral topology for the inner grid (just take a single
>>piece of wire and wrap it in a loose spiral from one pole of a sphere to the other). I'll have
>>to make a jig sphere that is dismantleable, but
>>that shouldn't be too difficult.

I attempted an inner grid from a single piece of wire, turned out to be harder to keep a spherical shape than I thought it would. A jig would be the only way to keep the shape while welding.

>>You could make a matching spiral ridge on the inner surface of the anode that would emit deuterons in the gaps between the windings of the inner sphere.

I'm not quite sure yet just exactly where the optimum path for the deuterons is but it appears to me they go into the center around the grid wires and the electron beams are emitted from the centers of the grid openings. Perhaps someone who knows could clarify that point for us?

>>Has anyone considered any other topoligies besides the standard rings approach?

Yes, almost everyone is trying to come up with the best approach. It appears the parameters are very wide and almost any thing that remotely fits within them works to some degree.
>Some new topologies have been investigated by most all fusor groups. The spiral inner grid sounds interesting. Deuterons are never emitter by the grids. They are formed any whwere in the chamber where there are energetic electrons. Concentrate the electron emission and you concentrate, quite nearby, the deuteron production in the gas. This is due to ionization by electron bombardment of free gas atoms.
>I vote someone with such ideas actually test them out in a fusor.

Richards work is first rate and he must have a well thought out plan of action, any one of us could learn a lot by reading (and rereading) his posts and looking at his pictures. Some will eventually reach the point of trying their ideas in other fusors, most of which will be made possible in some part from information posted by Richard.

I am sure most ideas will work. How much improvement, if any, will be a matter of test by doing.
>Richard Hull