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Subject: Re: The Original Farnsworth Mark series Fusor.
Date: Jul 09, 9:23 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Jul 09, 9:23 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>Hi, I've been reading about all of the experiments you guys do and I was wondering, if the Farnsworth Mark II,III series is so superior to the post ITT research why is it that no researcher makes a similar device?
>Is it a financial or technical problem or may be a little of both?
>The Farnsworth design of the Mark series is very different than the Farnsworth/Hirsch devices that fallowed.

True. The Farnsworth/Hirsch designs got much higher neutron fluxes, if memory serves.

>I mean neutral gas injection will never surpass Ion fuel injection of the same fuel.

Clearly. But ion injection rigs are pretty expensive and complicated -- well beyond the average amateur experimenter.

>Electro-optic technique seems superior than the Bussard or Miely method.

Why do you think so?

>Has anyone ever reversed the relationship between grids to the original anode in the center and cathode on the outside with the biased grid included?

It's called an EXL device. If you have a positive inner grid, you need to generate your ions just inside that grid. I'm currently in design phase of such a device. The big problem is that the trapped electrons tend to collide with the grid after a very short time (less than 100 orbits), without either ionizing a gas molecule or causing a fusion reaction. These electrons must be replaced, at high energy cost.
Bussard has speculated that you could somehow magnetize the grids and reduce the number of electron impacts to a very low value. Tom Ligon mentioned this in his Analog article in Dec 98. When I emailed and questioned him about it he was very tight lipped. This leads me to believe that he and Bussard are up to something.
I am currently working on a machine of this design. I'm intrigued by the suggestion of a spiral grid that *mumble* posted in the past couple of days. I'm playing around with various design and construction ideas.