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Subject: Re: Hypothetical IEC
Date: Jul 11, 6:12 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 11, 6:12 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


The reaction rate in D-D would go up, but not by much! It certainly would not be worth the hassle.
D-D fusion sort of fizzles out after 250KV but is off the steepest part of its collisional cross section curve around 125KV. Beyond 1.5mev you are getting LESS fusion. Likewise, D-T will actually fizzle out around 100KV, and with increased voltage produce less and less fusion. You can verify this by checking the collisonal cross sections plotted against voltage for both types of fusion.

Richard Hull

>I have an interesting question for you guys.
>Assume that there is no arcing at the voltages I'm about to ask about.
>Assume grid losses are less than 1%, humor me.
>Now what if you raised the voltage of the IEC systems to 500Kv and even 1.2 Mv at 50Kw Max input.
>In you opinions if the above assumptions could be made true, would the reaction rate go up or stay the same?
>I ask, because since the IEC uses potential difference to accelerate the particles and give them there kinetic energies, it just seems like reaction rates would clime accordingly.
>Just Food for thought.