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Subject: Re: Hypothetical IEC
Date: Jul 12, 08:17 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 12, 08:17 am, Richard Hull wrote:


Thanks for the info below. This would be nice! The process with the plastic sounds a little complicated and involved for the average fusorite. However, I might be willing to seek this stuff out, if not too terribly expensive.

Keep us advised as to your progress with this tack on neutron burst counting. Once you have something going, post the supplier for the plastic and the epitome of the process involved in its use.

Thanks again,

Richard Hull

There are detectors that can be used to calculate neutron fluxes on the order you describe. Taking certain plastics(e.g., CR39) and sandwiching them with certain metals will produce tracks in the plastic after exposing the sandwich to neutron flux from a fusor. The tracks can be "developed" and counted under a microscope or with a laser. Of course, the number of tracks is proportional to the neutron flux. As a matter of fact, it is my interest in using nuclear track materials which excites me most of all with regard to the fusor.
>P.S. You're right! This is mostly for fun. Forget breakeven.