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Subject: Re: Grid loss not losses
Date: Jul 13, 07:24 am
Poster: Hector

On Jul 13, 07:24 am, Hector wrote:

At Los Alomos National Labs, they have an IEC that uses an active coolant through the grid to keep it from having the problems mentioned below by Mr. Hull.
>Cooling schemes or ideas for keeping the inner grid from becoming too emissive is a good effort where the amateur might contribute.
>Richard Hull
I once discussed this with some people and the only solution to simplifying the cooling of the grid was using conduction. If you attach the inner grid to a rod of copper that could be brought out of the chamber and cooled by a cold fluid passing over the surface, you could cool the grid just enough (in theory) to curve the problem.

Copper was a good candidate because of its good conduction properties and because its easy to get.
Another idea along the same lines was to have two smaller lines that would be in a larger pipe of copper and would be sealed at the top where the grid would sit.

Then the cooling fluid, (something like water) would be sent up one of the pipes and down the other.
This would still allow the grid to be powered from the copper cooling line.
Oh obviously the line can't be copper at either entrance of the pump that move the fluid because of the high voltage.

Just food for thought.