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Subject: Standard Fusor Kit.
Date: Jul 14, 07:31 am
Poster: Hector

On Jul 14, 07:31 am, Hector wrote:

First let me say that its fun talking about the IEC and what might be possible.
Oh, by the way I was reading up on Dr. John Nadler and his work with NPL.

Nadler and Miley work together on the IEC concept under NPL.

He told some NASA people that they were using a pulse megawatt power supply, and that "the IEC had reached its highest pulse current yet 17 amps at 40,000 volts.
He also said that the IEC had gone from producing one neutron in every 10 cycles to more than 100 neutrons per cycle.

He also said that "I'm happy to report that everything is looking good for increasing reactivity and we haven't even stressed anything out yet."

His power supply is a Maxwell Technologies flash x-ray power supply (Big Birtha) at the University of Illinois and its rated for 1mV.

It looks like NPL is making some big progress with the IEC concept.

Oh on another note has anyone ever thought of making an IEC kit for universities and research institutions that may want one to experiment with.

I mean you won't provide the pumps, but maybe the vacuum chamber with the grid ready to go, you know batteries not included insert pumps here.

Well have fun guys.