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Subject: Re: Standard Fusor Kit.
Date: Jul 14, 08:03 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 14, 08:03 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Oh on another note has anyone ever thought of making an IEC kit for universities and research institutions that may want one to experiment with.
>I mean you won't provide the pumps, but maybe the vacuum chamber with the grid ready to go, you know batteries not included insert pumps here.

Before anyone goes off making fusor kits, you had better check things out on the patent horizon. Miley and Daimler Benz Aerospace are prpared to protect their stuff. I was told in no uncertain terms by Miley personally that I might be in violation of some of their patents for just touting the fusor publicly. This is somewhat absurd of course, but this is a supposed "cash cow" for those guys and they don't want some of the secrets leaking out. It all sounds like good old fashioned American paranoia to me.

I posted this very early on this list. Miley noted that even a personal fusor built using one of their patented concepts was a violation. This is indeed true according to the letter of the law. However, I am sure that they would not come out to do battle on this at the personal level. However, if you go making up and distributing kits, even for free as give aways, they can squash you like a bug.

The best thing to do if one feels the need to go commercial is to mime the original Hirsch meeks design of the 1971 patent (now long expired) and you can sell them on street corners by the countless billions. That patent has lapsed and no part of the design can be repatented.

I doubt if anyone on the list has the verve or means to do any of this though.

Richard Hull