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Subject: Re: Inefficiencies in an IEC fusor
Date: Jul 18, 07:21 am
Poster: Hector

On Jul 18, 07:21 am, Hector wrote:

By the way, this is just talk, no attempts at brake even experiments Ok.

It seems highly unlikely that star mode could be maintained without a physical grid present, to maintain its integrity.

The grid is both the cause of the star mode beams and therefore core densification effect, it's also the IEC's main inefficiency.
If you can't make star mode without a grid you should not be able to keep it from dissipating when the grid is gone.

Bussard's Polywell showed no serious evidence of the kind of core densification that the Miley's star mode can do.
That would suggest that star mode will not naturally select to exist in a griddles environment.

But that is just my theory.