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Subject: Re: Nuke Fuels
Date: Jan 19, 09:25 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 19, 09:25 am, Richard Hull wrote:

> p + B11 -> C12 + gamma
> p + B11 -> n +C11
> He4 + B11 -> n + N14
> He4 + B11 -> p + C14
> He4 + B11 -> T + C12
> B11 + B11 -> junk
>as well as reactions with a possible B10 impurity fraction. Furthermore, some of the energetic product alphas will impinge on the wall and knock
>out neutrons.

This nice long and very informative post is the kind of stuff that is most informative to those of us out here dinkin' around in our own labs with fusors.

one could cast about for weeks finding and compiling this kind of hard fact info from numerous references.


Richard Hull