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Subject: Great FAQ site URL
Date: Jul 20, 9:32 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 20, 9:32 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


Below I have listed a URL which is getting better with each day. It is the enemy camp you will wander into. The Princeton Plasma Physics Lab has a neat site called "ask a scientist". It relates to fusion only. Go straight to the FAQ site and find a huge number of documents which can bring a beginning fusorite up to a level where the experts can't snow him with terms or words, as they are all dealt with in the text with clean, clear explanations which touch on just what we are after. Lots of data and lots of reactions involving light nuclei in fusion are covered.

These guys might not be able to self sustain any better than us, but they sure can write well and know their stuff. I even detect some most carefully and thoughtfully worded sentences which don't close off, absolutely, a number of possibilities regarding fusion. A small opening to new ideas can be detected or at least the old stiff rigidity is becoming more compliant.

A full evening of on-line reading or one hour of letting your printer grind away will create a first rate little fusion reference stash.

Some of the stuff is still under construction, but there is enough there to bring the "silentlurkers" on this site who feel left out up to a level where they will quickly talk like old hands. Many folks lurk to absorb by osmosis in chance topic impact (like the deuterons in the fusor). Get up to speed fast at the following site.


Richard Hull