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Subject: Re: Hirsch device info
Date: Jul 26, 12:03 pm
Poster: Hector

On Jul 26, 12:03 pm, Hector wrote:

>This is indeed correct. But this was only after the old mark series was charged with the D-T mix! The expense of replecating the final mark series device would today be in the neighborhood of $500,000 and would require tight licensing restrictions for tritium. The Hirsch-Meeks gunless system would be far less than $20,000 with all pumps, etc. A talented and well equipped amateur vacuumist could do the thing for under $2,000.


I'm not disputing the economics of the device, but the fact is that the only scientifically published claim for an IEC device ever reaching 10E11 n/s is not a gridded system but an Ion gun Mark series device, FACT!

To be exact, Hirsch claims that the Mark series peaked at 10E16 n/s. By Dr. Miley's estimates the IEC devices should brake even at 10E18 n/s that puts the Mark series much closer to the goal than any Gridded system ever made.

Whether it was burning D-D or D-T does not matter, because still the FACT remains that the Mark series has had the highest (CONFIRMED) performance unlike the gridded devices.

The cost of making the gridded systems perform even close to the Mark series require the same cost that you outlined, ask the guys at Los Alamos or Bussard or Miley or anyone trying to go higher in performance.

So if all roads lead back to the mark series, why reinvent the wheel?

Again lets make it clear, this is not in anyway indorsing amateurs to try Ion gun devices. I'm just setting the record straight.

Oh, and to set the record straight again, Dr. O. A. Lavret'yev of the Ukraine was making glow discharge gridded systems in 1963 before Dr. Hirsch, so says Dr. Hirsch in the same article in 1967, FACT!
Blair Bromsley was correct.

Look at Blair's entries earlier in the year.