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Subject: Another super URL
Date: Jul 27, 08:35 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 27, 08:35 am, Richard Hull wrote:

In keeping with passing on neat stuff, I offer the site below. If it has been given by someone else, please forgive, as I got it from some link which many of us might stumble over in our quest for info.

It is quite amazing and incredible. It is about high enrgy nuclear weapons, but has some of the most amazing good solid info on it with incredible imagery.

When you hit the site make sure to go to the nuclear weapons frequently asked questions pointer (NWFAQ). Once there, select item 12.0 Which is the "useful tables" section. Loads of good data here. I printed it out and bound it with all my other useful nuclear data tables.

Have fun exploring the many links contained here also.

Richard Hull