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Subject: Re: RF in the fusor
Date: Jul 28, 09:25 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 28, 09:25 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>With everything else that is going on inside, is the fusor also developing its own "resonance"? If so I'm assuming the RF is used to control this "resonance". Looks like another avenue of investigation.

As I have said all along, the field is wide open for experimentation. The big boys laugh at the fusor as there is no big money in it. How many support perosnnel would be needed to work up a 6" fusor?! A 400 ton tokomak in a hangar sized building can feed a lot of mouths and put a gang of worker bees kid through school. R Hull

>How would the RF be applied, through the power supply or as a stand alone system?

The physical packaging can be done together or separate. I prefer separate.

Electrically, they are handled as totally separate entities. The high voltage RF source is made up as a stand alone system and then capacitively coupled directly onto the HVDC line to the fusor.

Impedance matching is a must and natural chamber resonances (gigahertz) should probably be bypassed to ground or might be utilized positively in some other fashion.

Farnsworth was famous for taking a positively deleterious effect and building devices operating specifically to enhance and channel the effect for some unconventional but useful purpose.

Richard Hull