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Subject: Re: Resonant RF in the fusor?
Date: Jul 29, 08:58 am
Poster: Stephen Coley

On Jul 29, 08:58 am, Stephen Coley wrote:

The question of using microwave to add energy to the plasma has come up in my circle before. Someone else is currently looking into the effects of microwave energy applied to an ionized gas under vacuum. I have used a microwave to create plasma and hope to follow it up in subsequent work. Taking apart the family microwave is dangerous, but if you live through it the radiation hazard posed by the microwave is easily shielded. Then come the calculating, designing and constructing of the appropriate wave-guide and other attendant hardware. Your fusor will need to be planned from the outset for the use of microwave components.

These kinds of "trains of thought" show that the fusor is still an infant technology with unlimited potential.

How about "Laser Ionization" of the deuterium gas,
"Sequentially Pulsed Multiple Cathodes" in a single anode
"Thermionic Ion Source Grid"
The list can go on and on

Microwave fusor, . . . . Stove Top Fusion, lol