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Subject: setup
Date: Jul 29, 8:11 pm
Poster: David Morgan

On Jul 29, 8:11 pm, David Morgan wrote:

So, I'm about to start building my fusor apparatus, and I have a few questions for the experienced experimenters.

1) What's the best kind of insulation to keep between me and the HV components? Polycarbonate? Acrylic?

2) So far, the best xformer I've found is a piece of test equipment made for the military by Jennings, for testing vacuum capacitors. It's supposedly rated for 75kV (no real specs), but it has a single output pole. So, I guess I'll have to go half-wave. Does this sound realistic? I'm still searching for a more general purpose xformer.

3) How do you guys isolate your rigs from your AC? Ideally, I'd like to use a 1:1 xformer and an EMI/RFI filter, along with a dedicated circuit breaker and emergency cutoff. Do you think that's overkill?