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Subject: magnetic bottle
Date: Jul 30, 4:20 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Jul 30, 4:20 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

Where might I find some solid codes for the simulation of electron behavior in a magnetic bottle? It occurs to me that you could simply contain a large population of electrons in a magnetic bottle instead of with an EXL grid. I suspect that you would end up with the electrons gathering in a dense shell where the magnetic field strength was equal to the outward pressure of the electric field. This would end up as a virtual grid, and I supect the whole mess would behave as an IXL machine with no grid losses. Anyone got any comments or thoughts on this? The magnets wouldn't even have to be that big for a 6" or 8" fusor. The magnets could be wound
from thick walled copper tubing, with water run through for cooling. Use an electron gun to charge it, and away you go. So am I out of my gourd or right on track?

Pierce Nichols